With over 25 years of experience in the industry 
Blue Baby Sound has experience with many types of music: 
Rock, Blues, Country, Worship, Techno, Swing, Jazz, Ska, Electronic, Easy Listening, Comedy & More

We can provide sound for events ranging from weddings, reunions and graduations to local, regional and national​ acts

A typical set up includes our Digital EAW PA with over 16,000 watts of power.
We can provide up to 10 total monitor mixes. 5 mixes with powered monitor
and an additional 5 mixes for in-ear monitor users, 

Our staff of experienced sound men and sound women have the experience to
make your event successful.

Blue Baby Sound has supplied sound system and/or professional audio at these venues in Tulsa and the surrounding areas: 

Hard Rock ▪ Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame ▪ Magoo's ▪ Baker's Street  
Rooster's ▪ CJ Maloney’s ▪ Elephant Run ▪ Fishbonz 
Stokely Event Center ▪ Bobbisox ▪ Sidelines ▪ Crow Creek ▪ Fishbonz Owasso
Hookers ▪ Arrowhead Yacht Club ▪ Cimarron ▪ Joe's Crab Shack

Blue Baby Sound has supplied sound systems and/or 
provided professional audio services for these Bands: 

The Verve Pipe ▪ Tito Jackson ▪ Johnny Boyd ▪ Tokyo in Tulsa ▪ D-Fest ▪ Rock Show    
The Slants ▪ Groove Pilots ▪ Empire ▪  Sticks & Stones ▪ Under The Gun ▪ Brandon Clark
Octane Blue ▪ Zoe/Labow ▪ Let's Zeppelin ▪ Mister Pistol ▪ Captain Chaos ▪ The Horny Toads
Back2Black ▪  Sybil's Machine ▪ Spin ▪ New Science ▪ Dogsway ▪ To Have Heroes ▪ Sextion 8
Flowers for Zoe ▪ Idiut Box ▪ Beacon Drive ▪ Milo's Fare 
Social Alibi ▪ Drowning in Purple ▪ New Soul Cowboys ▪ Dance Floor Mafia ▪ Sons ▪ Fall Risk
Voodoo Crush ▪ Juke Box Hero ▪ Band Camp ▪ Rock Jones ▪ Soul'D Out ▪ Shay Domann

Blue Baby Sound would love the opportunity to discuss your next event!

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Up to 32 channels of digital recording and up to 26 channels of simultaneous playback.

Recording done your way. We can provide a simple unmixed CD of the nights performance, we can give you files to have mastered or we can master for you.​

EAW DBX Presonus QSC. 
We use only the best and you can 
hear it in our sound. 

Band members with an iPad or an 
iPhone have the ability to control their own monitor mix.
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